Become a Snapshot Sponsor and directly supply the tools to instantly create change!

Our new photography curriculum incorporates instant photography as well as digital, giving students tangible images they can keep to remember their experience and providing an organic way to learn the art of photography.
By becoming a Snapshot Sponsor, you will directly impact the experience of one of the photography students in a personal way, and create a connection with someone across the globe!

You can become a Snapshot Sponsor in 3 amazing ways!


    A $50 donation provides a pack of instant film for a photography student to create photographs they can treasure. Your donation also provides an album to store the instant photos in, and a pen to write about the image!


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    A $100 donation provides not only a pack of film for a photography student, but also the opportunity for a for them to share one of their memories with you through a finely crafted original instant print. Your photography student will hand select a instant print of their choice for you and share the story behind the image. Your hand-picked image, along with the printed story will be mailed to you in a packet which also includes an image of the student and their bio.




    A $250 donation provides a photography student with the opportunity to have a custom curated photo book of their photographs created especially for them to remember their photography journey. By giving a book, you will receive a copy of the very same book to treasure!!! The book will include their best images as well as their bio, and behind the scenes images of their learning process and life.


The deadline to become a Snapshot Sponsor for Project 4 is January 16th, 2017.  To ensure you can make your impact and provide an incredible experience for a photography student, please sign up today!  Don’t forget, your donation is tax deductible!!