Project 2 Photographers

The Big Picture Project headed on another journey beginning on Valentine’s Day weekend, 2015 to the home of the Western Hemisphere’s poorest of the poor – The Dump of Ciudad Sandino.   A few hundred people live in this dump in shanties made of salvaged cardboard and plastic .  Some live in the trash amongst the waste and sewage. Each day individuals of all ages – including children – go to the dump to salvage plastic bottles and recyclables in the hopes to obtain money, but most often they are left to obtain meals from the discarded waste – sometimes not eating at all. We partnered with a women’s ministry currently assisting in the dump by means of a feeding station that feeds the countless number of children that are currently starving. We taught 4 students from the neighboring community –  giving them cameras to use for the first time and assist them in capturing their lives and sharing their story.  Project 2 photographers Domingo, Gabriella, Jeffry, and Karaloy stole our hearts from the moment we met them.  This project was joyful, and filled with wonderment.  Ages 12-17, this young group not only had incredible personalities, they created remarkable works of art!!    The 4 kids involved selflessly gave their time to help individuals living in the dump, and will forever have a piece of your hearts!!  Check out their stories and sets of images below!

IMG_3682IMG_3699 copyIMG_3684onlineIMG_3690 copy