Project 3: From the plains of the Amboseli Rift Valley to the break taking landscape of Masai Mara, 18 different Maasai individuals whose hands had never touched a camera took part in an groundbreaking project to tell their story through photography.  A once in a lifetime experience, Project 3 in Kenya left us all breathless.  Their photos and hand-crafted products lead to enough funds to build a school in their community!  Don’t miss this incredible experience!

Project 2: Ciudad Sandino  4 kids who had never held a camera gave back in big ways and through their images provided a feeding station for the people living within the Ciudad Sandino Dump.  While young, this group had the BIGGEST hearts!  Enjoy Project 2!

PROJECT 1: NICARAGUA  Find out what happens when 4 individuals who have never held a camera, and never had anyone care about their perspective – get the opportunity to capture their world and share their story.  Rossana, Ana, Marvin, and Orlando stole our hearts and “wow’d” us with their ability to find the beauty in their world and discover their voice.  Enjoy Project 1!!


NICARAGUA 2013: A humanitarian photography trip where it all began!!  The images captured in this slideshow were taken in Managua Nicaragua and surrounding areas in the summer of 2013.