The Big Picture Project wants to create an honest picture of the realities that exist for the impoverished and oppressed across the world.  We believe that an accurate picture of cultures who have been marginalized can only come from the individuals who call these areas home.  Photography transcends the barriers of language and literacy.  By placing a camera in the hands of individuals who have been forgotten, we can amplify their voice and give them the tools to share their perspective with the world.
Through donations, our Snapshot Sponsor program, the sales of photographs, and fundraising efforts, we have provided homes, clean water, education, health care, and fed thousands of meals to a community that was starving.  Together with generous individuals from across the globe, we are not only giving vulnerable individuals access to share their voice, but providing access to the lifeline needs they are lacking.  And we are only just getting started!!
Join us as we make an impact on the big picture!