Lunch Money

The average American spends $10 a day on dining out on lunch.  That amount of money would feed the ENTIRE community of the Ciudad Sandino Dump for one day.  Imagine the change you would create if you simply gave up ONE DAY’s lunch money.  Would you give up your own lunch for one day to feed hundreds??  It’s truly as simple as that.  Instead of eating waste, the people of the dump would receive a hot meal to nourish their bodies AND their spirits.  But the person who sees the biggest reward is YOU.  Something as simple as one day lunch money can change hundreds of lives.  That’s the best lunch you’ll ever buy.



Feed an entire community today with your simple $10!!  Click on the image below to donate $10 to Lunch Money Wednesday!

Would you rather match the amount you spent and donate a custom amount?  Click below to choose how much Lunch Money you want to donate!!

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