In 2013, professional photographers Roger and Karin Doolin were given the opportunity to join a group of photographers on a humanitarian photo project in Nicaragua.  During that trip they photographed individuals living in some of the most deplorable conditions imaginable.  Despite language barriers and coming from completely different worlds, they became intertwined with their subjects and found that beyond the obstacles they face and atrocious conditions they endure, there was a remarkably uplifting spirit within the people.  There was such a fascinating story of hope to be told, and although Roger and Karin knew they could tell the peoples‘ story through their photographs, they also felt that a more intriguing perspective would be to allow the subjects to reveal their own story.  To actually give them the camera and in turn give them a voice.  What would they share?  What would they find interesting enough to capture?  Who knows their joys as well as their struggles better than the people themselves?  It’s their story – shouldn’t they have the opportunity to tell it?  And with that thought, The Big Picture Project was born.

With a more in depth view of poverty, many sleepless night, countless tears shed, and bodies that have been covered in pulga bites and dust – Roger and Karin continue to intensify their hunger to help.  The more need they witness, the more they desire to broaden their reach.  They are committed to giving a voice to those who have been forgotten and oppressed, and will continue giving their time and effort for all of those voices to be heard.


What people are saying…

“Karin and Roger are two of the most genuine people I know and they will truly restore your faith in humanity. I still remember where I was when Karin started talking to me about this idea she had.  Less than a year later, that dream became a reality and now The Big Picture Project is truly making a difference in people’s lives. 

 I have never felt more proud of my friends at their exhibit. Watching their journey unfold before all of us was one of the most inspiring moments in my life. Karin and Roger are super, talented photographers…we all know that!  However, I love that they are choosing to share their knowledge in such a way that brings one of the most important feelings we as humans can experience….HOPE.  You can absolutely see it in every single person involved with the organization and that is forever inspiring.”
B. Klein