Give a person a camera        Share their story       Change their world    


You have the ability to share your world with others at anytime.  Technology has made it fast and easy to share your life through the medium of photography instantly.  Meanwhile there are entire communities all throughout the world who don’t even have access to fundamental needs, let alone a way of capturing their lives or sharing their perspective with others.  Although their world looks completely different than ours,  their reality is no less important or unique, and still matters on a global level.  Our goal is to to give these individuals their first opportunity to have their voices heard by means of photography.  To put a camera in their hands and open up creativity that has never had an opportunity to cultivate.  For the first time, allow them to tell their own story.  In doing so, we share that these people are unique and worthy human beings.  By eliminating the proximity that stands between you and impoverished villages in third world countries through photography, we take you into the homes and daily lives of the poorest of the poor.  Allowing you to see them with fresh eyes.  Our goal is to transform your pity for their conditions, into respect.  Photography becomes the vehicle to learn from their challenges and triumphs, and perhaps even recognize yourself in their dreams, hopes, joys, and unrelenting spirit.

Extreme poverty for the people in these villages is not caused by laziness, but instead is a circumstance of latitude and longitude.  The poor of the world are decent, hardworking people who have been oppressed by corrupt governments that place insurmountable hurdles at every turn, and have been born into an area that is fragile and forgotten.  We can’t change their byproducts of where these individuals were born, but with your help we can do something about the injustice they face and ease their burdens with providing them with simple lifeline needs.

Our projects in these villages throughout the world give a voice to the voiceless, and strengthen their well being as well as their entire community.  We all deserve the right not only survive, but to live.