What areas of the world do you travel to?

We travel to all areas that are isolated from fundamental needs and are stricken with poverty.  For more information on where we are going and where we’ve been CLICK HERE.

Do the individuals who participate in the project keep the cameras you provide?

The cameras we use to carry out our curriculum are a crucial tool and have been furnished for implementation of our future projects.  Additionally, the communities we work in are poverty stricken, disadvantaged, underprivileged communities who logistically cannot care for or maintain a digital camera.  For some, having an item worth hundreds of dollars can make them a target for theft or violence.  Consequently we’ve resolved to amplify how our program can provide the communities we work in with realistic, lifeline solutions to generate lasting impact.

How do the funds raised go back into the community?

Because we partner with outstanding organizations who are helping to provide sustainable solutions for the community’s most critical needs, all of the contributions raised are given to them to help achieve their objectives.  We choose who we partner with carefully, making sure that they are transparent in regards to how funds are distributed and that they are actively providing lifeline needs and assistance for the community.

Why partner with other organizations vs having control of how the money is used?

Because help for communities we work in needs to be long term and significant, our goal is connect the valuable donations to the people who are overseeing and executing specific and measurable goals.  Partnering provides accountability and tracking systems with people who are established within the community, working with local leaders, who are responsibly investing in the best possible practices, transactions, and building a consistent, reliable relationship with a vulnerable community.

How do the projects work?  Do you send the cameras?

Co-founders Roger & Karin are professional photographers and are the primary instructors who implement the photography curriculum.  The two travel to the areas where the projects take place, teach photography lessons and concepts daily, and remain with the individuals to oversee progress for 7-14 days.  After the project is complete, the equipment and photographs come back to the US with them and are made available online and at exhibits for you to view and purchase.

Do you take other photography instructors along?  Can I apply to be an instructor?

We do!!  As we continue to grow and prosper we will need qualified instructors to join us on projects.  If you would like us to keep you in mind, please contact us and we will let you know how to apply!

How can I help?

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