Giving you an honest picture of the realities that exist around the world.

We believe that everyone has the right to share their story. By providing individuals who have never touched a camera with the tools to share their perspective by means of photography, they are able to raise awareness and have their voices heard on a global level.
At The Big Picture Project, we believe that photography not only unites the world, but enhances the lives of those living in it.


Our Progress Continues…

The Big Picture Project’s third project will take place in the Amboseli area of Kenya, Africa where we will provide individuals of The Maasai Tribe the tools they need to capture their world and share their story for the first time. An alluring culture which often fascinates travelers, the Maasai have encountered many who want to tell their story, yet they themselves have never had their own opportunity. Never had their own voice. Now this beautiful tribe will have their voices heard!


Sponsor A Camera

Our signature Sponsor A Camera program provides a first hand, intimate experience where you create a lifelong bond with a person you would not normally get the opportunity to meet. You’ll forge a deep connection, and be transported to spend virtual time outside of your usual frame of reference. For both you and the students – the experience is transformative!

Sponsoring A Camera is not just a temporary, short term, invisible financial transaction. Hundreds of people will create a long term relationship with a person who will flourish because of the emotional support you provide.

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We believe EVERYONE deserves access to education

Finishing just one year of primary school can help raise a child’s future wages, and each additional year of schooling helps his or her family along the path to economic well-being. Education helps to break the cycle of poverty that affects one generation after another in the developing world. Educated girls are healthier and safer from personal violence. They have more economic options and more chances to make a stable living while reducing hunger and contributing to their nation’s economy. Education is the key to lasting change.
100% of the donations, camera sponsorships, and sales of the photographs created during Project 3 will go directly to fund a school for the village of Maasai in the Amboseli area of Kenya. Together, we can change the world.

Help Build a school in Africa

Together with our partnering organization, our upcoming project will work to fund the establishment of a school in Kenya Africa. 100% of your donation goes directly towards this initiative. Please help us today by giving the most powerful catalyst there is to change the world!


Together we've raised tens of thousands for organizations across the globe.

Everyday people doing extraordinary things!

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100% of the proceeds from the sales of our photographs go back into the community which the students are from. You can help provide homes, food, health care, education, water, and more with your purchase of art. The beautiful imagery created by our students will give you a wonderful conversation piece and a perspective unlike any other!